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About us

Hewes Media Group, LLC (formerly HewesComm, LLC), started this business after noticing that both corporate wireless stores and authorized wireless dealers provide very little to no help to their customers with their mobile devices. Also, troubleshooting and repairs rates are sometimes at such high costs, that it’s just better to get new device… but what if you love your current device? What if the problem can be solved easily without having to get a new one? These observations are what lead to the foundation of Hewes Media Group, LLC.

Connecting the world to you.

Álexander Hewes

Owner/General Manager

Álex has over 20 years experience in the Customer Service field, having worked for major store retailers and independent authorized retailers.

Álex moved to the Wireless and Mobile Services field in 2013, and has worked his way up to Store Manager and District Manager with two major Wireless Providers in the United States. He has recieved Google Expert Certification and Samsung Specialist Expert Certificate three years in a row, starting 2017. Álex has also extensive experience and knowledge of prepaid services and determining which is a better option for the customer.

Staying up to date with-in this field is essential, hence Álex stays current through various sources and channels. His philosophy: “If you don’t know, I’ll teach you. If I don’t know, we’ll find out together.”

Here are some of his favourite resources*: