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Our Services

During these times of COVID-19, we will do our best to keep interactions as safe as possible, by wearing masks, staying six feet apart; and using disinfectant when handling devices and payments. For more information, click here.

With the help of WeSellCellular, we are able to provide you with mobile devices at GREAT PRICES, ranging from iPhones, iPads, and Android phones.

Tablets are coming soon.

We can take payments for airtime now online, instead of having you go to the store and purchase PIN Cards and risking your health during these uncertain times.

We take payments for the following:

  • Verizon Prepaid
  • AT&T (includes Cricket and H2O)
  • T-Mobile (includes Simple Mobile and Family Mobile)
  • Sprint (Boost Mobile)
  • Tracfone (includes all Tracfone partners such as Net10 and TrueMobile)
  • Mint
  • RedPocket
  • Vodafone
  • and many more…
  • “I dropped my phone in the pool.”

    “I’ve always been so careful, til today.”

    “My kids were playing with my phone, and now it won’t turn on.”

    Those are some of the many reasons people come to us for help with their mobile devices. An accident here, a spill there, life happens. But don’t worry, we got you covered.

    When you need help, we can either come to you* or you can drop off your device with us to get it repaired.

    We use state of the art equipment to fix devices, and order parts only through the best companies in this field.

    $20 consultation fee

    $20/hr for labour (not including parts)

    Replacement Parts (varies on model, availability, and cost)

    *A 15 mile limit, when traveling to meet with customers. After that, $15 dollar is charged for travel time.

    “Which button do I press for…?”

    “Does my device do that?”

    These are some of the questions we get asked often. We provide one-on-one or group classes to our customers and local communities, on how to use their devices. Every month we may cover different devices. For example, one month can be iPhones, then Android the next month, then iPad the next, etc. If a customer has a specific device in which they are interested in learning more of, a special class can be arranged.

    We cover:

    $20 per hour for 1 person. (First hour waived if device is bought from Hewes Media Group, LLC)

    $50 per hour for groups with more than 3 individuals. (First hour waived if the device/s is/are bought from Hewes Media Group, LLC)

    We buy devices from everyday people. We pay competitive and fair market prices. When buying, all we ask is for a clean IMEI on the device that is being sold and a valid form of ID from the seller.

    We also sell devices on various platforms, like Facebook and LetGo(Now part of OfferUp.) Prices are set on fair market value. Payment can be done through Square and PayPal.